​Q:  I can't find ammunition for my handgun or rifle.  Can you order it for me?

A:  If we could simply order it, we'd have it in stock already.  This shortage is nationwide, and manufacturers are working around the clock to try to catch up.  Their shelves are bare, and whatever they produce over the next 60-90 days is already spoken for.  We would love to be able to get it for you, but THERE IS NOWHERE FROM WHICH TO ORDER THE ROUNDS YOU DESIRE at a reasonable price.  The wholesalers from whom we buy it are very low on stock, and EVERYONE WANTS IT!

Q:  Can you order a specific firearm for me, since no one has it in stock?

A:   See the answer above about ammunition.  The same situation applies here.

Q:  Is the government buying up all the ammunition to keep us from getting it?

A:  No.  The government isn't buying any more than they always do.  The Armed Forces get ammo first, then Law Enforcement, then civilians.  The extreme shortages are caused by two groups of people: 1) the people who are hoarding ammo in response to their particular fears, and 2) the people who are buying all the ammo they can so they can sell it for 2, 3, or even 4 times what they paid for it.  There are many stores who are taking advantage of the fears of gun owners, and they are gouging folks on pricing.  Our hope is that you will remember those who gouged you during this time and, more importantly, those who didn't.  We fall into the latter category.

Q:  When is this going to end?

​A:  None of us knows what the new year will bring, other than that it's virtually guaranteed that the new administration will try to curtail our 2nd Amendment rights.  That fact alone makes it unlikely that the present shortages will get better soon.  It would be helpful, as far as ammo is concerned, if folks would stop buying every box of ammo they see, and if everyone would stop paying exorbitant prices for ammunition.

Q:  Will you call me when you get certain ammunition or a specific firearm in?

A:  We don't keep a list of customers who are looking for specific items.  Even if we had the capability to keep track of lists like that, you would be about number 2,000 or so.  We have our hands full just answering the dozens (literally) of phone calls each day asking if we have 9mm rounds in stock.

We very much appreciate your business, and we'll work hard to keep your trust every time you visit.

God bless America.  We surely need it right now.